Denying Access to Pryvate Messenger for Under 18s: Prioritizing Child Safety

In recent times, concerns have been growing worldwide about the misuse of end-to-end
encrypted messaging apps for illegal activities, including child abuse and exploitation.
Governments, including the British government, have been vocal about these concerns,
prompting tech companies to re-evaluate their policies and practices. In response to these
concerns and in alignment with our commitment to ensuring a safer online environment for
everyone, we are announcing a new policy: we will be denying access to Pryvate Messenger
for individuals under the age of 18.

Why the Concerns?

End-to-end encryption has long been hailed as a champion of privacy and security in the digital
age. It ensures that only the sender and receiver can access the content of their messages,
making it nearly impossible for third parties to intercept or decipher the information. While
this is crucial for protecting our privacy, it also creates a dilemma when it comes to illegal
activities taking place behind closed digital doors.
Child abuse and exploitation are grave concerns for societies across the globe. These activities,
unfortunately, have found refuge in the darkest corners of the internet, including encrypted
messaging apps. Criminals exploit the anonymity and secrecy offered by these platforms to
share illegal content, coordinate activities, and escape the reach of law enforcement agencies.
This has led governments to raise legitimate concerns about how to balance the need for
privacy with the imperative of child safety.

Our Commitment to Child Safety

At Pryvate Messenger, we take these concerns seriously. Our commitment to providing a
secure and private communication platform does not come at the cost of turning a blind eye
to the potential for misuse. We believe that technology companies must be responsible
corporate citizens and work collaboratively with governments to address these pressing
Therefore, in an effort to support child safety and comply with regulatory requests, we have
made the difficult decision to deny access to Pryvate Messenger for individuals under the age
of 18. While this might inconvenience some users, it is a necessary step to strike a balance
between privacy and safety.

What This Means for Pryvate Messenger Users

Starting 20th September 2023 , Pryvate Messenger will implement age verification processes
to ensure that only users above the age of 18 can access the platform. This means that if you
are under 18 years old, you will no longer be able to use Pryvate Messenger. We understand
that some younger users may have legitimate reasons for using our platform, such as staying
in touch with family and friends, but the safety and well-being of children must come first.
For parents and guardians, we recommend discussing alternative messaging options that are
specifically designed for younger users and include built-in safety features to protect children
from exposure to inappropriate content.


The decision to deny access to Pryvate Messenger for under 18s is difficult but necessary
step in addressing the concerns raised by governments worldwide regarding the misuse of
encrypted messaging apps for child abuse and exploitation. Our commitment to privacy
remains unwavering, but we also acknowledge the importance of working together to ensure
a safer online environment for all.
We believe that this decision strikes a reasonable balance between privacy and child safety,
and we are dedicated to continuing our efforts to support the responsible and ethical use of
technology. We appreciate the support of our users and the broader community as we take
this important step towards a safer digital future for all.